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The pillars of our long-standing success

On these pillars

ORION group is based

Besides the classic mail-order business, the ORION group carries on a wholesale business providing erotic and non-erotic suppliers with our products and an international chain of stores with approximately 170 ORION specialty stores in Europe. Another division is our publisher “Carl Stephenson Verlag”.


ORION Wholesale is a global player on the worldwide erotic market. Between Oslo and Cape Town, Sidney and Montreal, we provide our customers with our labels. The success of our wholesale business is based on our bestselling product range, on our reliable logistics and our excellent customer oriented services.

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Just order by a click, on the phone or by mail: Each ORION package is treated and filled with love, desire and passion. Verified quality is for sure, also concerning our customer oriented services, open 7 days a week for any of your questions.

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For more than 50 years, the publisher Carl Stephenson Verlag has been editing sophisticated erotic literature. The product range comprises books, audio books and DVDs. There are always bestsellers among them: long time ago “Helga und Bernd” already demonstrated sexual positions to the customers. Nowadays, these position guidebooks are only a small part of the published range.

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With 150 stores, ORION is the market leader of erotic stationary trading in Germany. But also in other countries, our customers can experience the erotic shopping pleasure combined with personal advice: there are some 20 other ORION specialty stores in Austria, Denmark, Norway and Spain.

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