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Carl Stephenson Verlag

The erotic book-publishing house

Stylish erotic publishing since 1962

At the beginning of the 20th century, the publishing house was founded in Berlin. Since 1962, the headquarters have been in Flensburg, the fjord city. The 50-year success story of the traditional erotic publisher started with the sex education book “Helga und Bernd”.


A committed team of publishers in Flensburg guides authors and develops book titles from the first idea of the book up to the prepress procedure. The books are printed in the Kingdom of Denmark nearby or in the region of Flensburg. Yearly, up to 40 new publications find a broad readership, among them nonfiction books, erotic short stories, novels and guidebooks. They are available in the consumer book trade, stationary or online, as well as from book wholesalers (KNV, Libri and Umbreit). Additionally, they produce audio books, DVDs and e-books reflecting the customers’ wishes practically and appropriately. The publishing program includes about 400 titles. With fresh design and cunning ideas, the publisher Carl Stephenson Verlag demonstrates that erotic literature is not only sexy but also diverse, humorous and informative.

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Carl Stephenson Verlag is a traditional publisher in the field of erotic literature and one of the many successful labels at ORION. Thrilling reading material is produced for a broad readership: books, magazines, but also audio books and DVDs belong to the permanently growing product portfolio. Every year, about 40 new publications are introduced. The close connection with ORION is its formula for success. Integrity, constant performance, experience and competitive products are the strengths of the Carl Stephenson Verlag. Trends are quickly recognized and transformed. That is how the CARL STEPHENSON VERLAG organizes the production of more and more erotic audio books beside books in print and meets the consistently increasing demand in this area. Today, the CARL STEPHENSON VERLAG satisfies its readers with a fresh and modern face and many new ideas around “the most beautiful pastime in the world”.

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Some highlights of the past years
1962 enrollment in the commercial registry of Flensburg
1964 First book of positions “Sexuelle Technik” written by Sha Kokken, PhD


Our fight for more fun in the bedroom

After the registration of CARL STEPHENSON VERLAG in March 1962 by Mr. and Mrs. Rotermund, the range of erotic literature developed steadily. Almost as spectacular as the landing on the moon or the legendary Woodstock in 1969, was the illustrated book “Helga & Bernd zeigen 100 Liebespositionen”. Translated into four languages (German, English, French and Danish) the book conveyed more fun in the bedroom with descriptive pictures, tips and positions. However, anybody reading it today expecting excessive pictures will be amused because “Helga & Bernd” were completely covered in tight leotards up to the neck.


Sex in a Volkswagen
An iconic magazine

In 1972, Beate Rotermund passed the CARL STEPHENSON VERLAG to her sons. At that time, today’s managing director Dirk Rotermund, was involved in the publisher’s activities and had a determining influence on the development. When in 1972 the series “Star Trek” flickered across the screen for the first time, the CARL STEPHENSON VERLAG published the magazine “Sex in a Volkswagen” for Beetle fans. Obviously a good vintage for everything colorful and fancy, because today, top prices are paid for the iconic “Käfer-Magazin” on the internet.

1975 Admittance to the German Publishers and Booksellers Association (Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels)


Muhamad Ali
For a legend, we make an exception

For more than a decade now, the publisher was known for erotic literature, however, when the rights for the biography of a super talent were brought up the publisher team went for it. The boxing legend Muhammad Ali moved people at that time like he does today. By his unique style in the boxing ring and by his self-dramatization, he has just always been “the greatest boxer of all time”. But also other sensational connections came about: the German Sylvia Sommerlath married King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

1981 Dirk Rotermund takes over the management
1985 Exhibitor at the Frankfurt Book Fair for the first time


Joy of love
Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills exposes herself

Acquiring the German publishing rights to the English illustrated book “Sex games”, the German version “Die Freuden der Liebe” is published. What at that time nobody anticipated: the permissive pictures of a young unknown female photo model will play a disastrous role in a divorce battle later on, since in the pictures, Heather Mills can be seen, the today’s ex-wife of Paul McCartney (“The Beatles”)


Going online
Start of the internet presence www.stephenson.de

An extremely hot summer with unusual heat and drought inspires the CARL STEPHENSON VERLAG, because what could be better than reading stimulating books on the beach or the lake? In times of the internet, www.stephenson.de goes online and the publisher sexes up his logo for the new media. Moreover, the team now also includes short stories and novels around the most beautiful thing in the world, but also sticks to its decision of publishing non-fiction and guide books continuously. Up to now, around 400 titles have been published.

2009 Publishing of the first e-book as one of more than 100 e-books today


Frankfurt Book Fair
Now and then

For trade visitors and erotic literature fans, the Frankfurt Book Fair is particularly interesting this year. In October 2010 after a long break, the Flensburg CARL STEPHENSON VERLAG presents about 100 erotic titles on the exhibition grounds. Besides print versions, the team offers a big choice of audio books to the interested audience. They gain more and more popularity among the readers.

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