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The ORION History

A family-run company conquers the world

Some highlights

of the past years

1940 - 1960

Dirk_RotermundORION’s roots stretch back to the forties, when in Flensburg Mr. Rotermund and his wife established a successful mail-order business selling condoms. Step by step, other product lines are added. Thus, already in the fifties, ATELIER COTTELLI is founded presenting erotic lingerie and SECURA, the innovative condom home brand.


orion_helga_und berndIn 1962, CARL STEPHENSON VERLAG is acquired and more than six million erotic bestsellers are published and sold.


Brief_DR_KatalogBeate Uhse decides on dividing her company in two. With her son Ulrich Rotermund, she keeps the stores and the cinema business. Dirk Rotermund and Klaus Uhse receive the publishing house and the mail-order business called “Beate Uhse”, which operates at that time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The two companies are allowed to compete only after a period of five years. The brothers then become future competitors.



In 1984, the offices of these two companies separate. The mail-order business “Beate Uhse” moves to new buildings on Schäferweg 14. Klaus Uhse however never moved to his new office, because he passed away at the age of 41 after a short and severe illness, on June 30, 1984.


Orion Aussenaufnahme mit VerführungThe management decides to sell the business name “Versandhaus Beate Uhse” to Beate Uhse and starts the process of renaming the company to ORION.



For the construction of an ORION chain of stores, Werner Susemichel can be gained as a partner in 1986. The ORION logo is fixed on 20 existing “FCV-erotic shops” and the complete ORION product range can be offered.



In Austria and Switzerland, subsidiaries of ORION are founded. ORION wholesale starts as a two-person department to supply them with goods.


orion_mailingsThe Berlin wall has come down and on Schäferweg orders pile up. In one day, customers transfer a total of DM 100,000 in cash to Flensburg for their orders.


Nature Skin

ORION is the first erotic wholesaler offering sex toys in German-language packaging to the market.

The nineties


The wholesale business finds an opportunity to launch proprietary products and packaging and takes the right steps for business growth.


orion_erster_onlineshopAs one of the pioneers within the mail-order industry, ORION starts its mail-order business. Incoming orders are at that time still printed and entered manually.


fundoradoA joint venture with Mobilcom/Freenet is formed. In the ORION group, a common subsidiary, “Fundorado”, covers the area of erotic entertainment.


ORION_LagerIn 2003, the building on Schäferweg is extended with a high bay warehouse to increase delivery capacity as well as the product range.


Another world of shopping is launched. The website of ORION Wholesale goes online. Now, retailers in the B2B area can shop by a simple mouse click.


bild-2ORION becomes the sponsor of SG Flensburg-Handewitt and supports the successful local handball team enthusiastically.


Orion-Versand_Das-Unternehmen-102The company grows steadily. In 2007, the logistics department is reconstructed without interruption of daily business and with the support and commitment of the entire staff. Starting from 2008, pick-by-light plants provide rapid processing of orders for wholesale and mail-order customers.



Product innovation gets more and more important and ORION always listens to inventors. In 2008, the “Waver” is launched, a new type of vibrator invented by a German engineering graduate, who originally intended to develop a new drive mechanism for vehicles.


ORION-Sponsor-St-PauliORION becomes the official sponsor of the 1.FC St. Pauli. From this time onwards, the Millerntor stadium, located on Hamburg’s wicked mile, reaffirms the negative clichés. The ORION logo is displayed prominently on the advertising boards of the sidelines in the stadium: “100 percent erotic from Flensburg”.



The “eroFame” trade fair is launched. As an advisory member, ORION contributes significantly to the conception and execution of the erotic trade fair. In 2010 ORION receives two EROTIX-Awards: Best Marketing Team and Company of the Year.

2011 - 2015

More and more awards. Our ORION wholesale team has been awarded several times as the “Best Sales Team”. In 2014, ORION receives the Erotix-Award as “Company of the Year” again and is also awarded “Best B2B Online Shop”.



Award “Best product design” for “Close2you”: the coaxing form and the restrained design as well as the sophisticated functionality of this love toy are completely convincing.


Abierta Fina

Launching of ABIERTA FINA, the high class label of the Cottelli Collection: seductive lingerie exclusively designed by ORION. Hand-picked high quality fabric shows distinctiveness and gives perfect comfort.


Dirk_Rotermund_UrkundeFor 50 years of the successful history of their publishing house, Dirk Rotermund receives an award from the IHK Flensburg (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)


906484_Modern_Emotion_19_3d“Modern Emotion” is a free customer magazine made available by the ORION Wholesale for their retailers. They can hand it out their customers.



The wholesale team supplies to several thousand specialty stores, distributors and major commercial senders worldwide. For several customers, the ORION Wholesale arranges the fulfillment themselves. Smallest orders, even orders of only one pallet, usually leave the warehouse within one or two days. In autumn 2013, the high bay depot is hollowed out and a modern automatic carton warehouse is installed – again without interruption to their operation. It is put into operation in 2014. Some employees specially trained in mountain rescue are made available for the warehouse, which is 16 meters high.


dirk_maike_rotermund33 years after the foundation of the company, on June 30, 2014, Dirk Rotermund hands over the ORION management to his daughter, Maike in the presence of more than 300 employees, partners and long-standing associates.



The ORION wholesale becomes the official distributor for the “womanizer” in Europe and Russia. This love toy is an innovation in the portfolio of erotic stimulators – and raises the desire of women in the entire world.


ETO Award 2015 Womanizer

The “womanizer” is simple, easy to use and makes every woman’s dreams come true. In the B2B trade fair ETO (Erotic Trade Only) in the National Exhibition Centre of Birmingham, this love toy innovation receives the ETO-Award for being the “Best new female product 2015”


play-button_318-42541From August to November 2015, ORION advertises for the first time on private radio stations all over Germany. From Bavaria to Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony and North Rhine Westfalia, the advertising is broadcasted over the airwaves and online platforms of more than 100 programs and frequencies.

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