Powerful, luxurious and innovative

The Belou “Rotating Vulva Massager” is not just a delight for the hand, but also unites intense pearl rotation with thrilling vibration for an entirely new pleasure experience. Now, the silky hotspot specialist from ORION has received the German Design Award 2024. The German Design Award is one of the most recognised international design awards for product and communication design.

It has been given out annually by the German Design Council. The Belou “Rotating Vulva Massager” is honoured in the category “Excellent Product Design /
Bath and Wellness“.

The jury’s reasoning:

“The »Belou« serves both as an arousing adult toy and as a full-body massager. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and holding ring, it sits comfortably in the hand. From an aesthetic standpoint, it is also a very modern and high-quality product that doesn’t reveal its true purpose at first glance.”

The Belou “Rotating Vulva Massager” was developed by ORION product designers, who were inspired by a neck massager with rotating beads

They had the idea that something like this should also be available for the intimate area. Once this idea was born, the first drawings were made and a prototype was created in the 3D printer. The result is an ergonomically designed lay-on vibrator that enriches every lovemaking session with its truly unique design. A total of five massage pearls that stimulate blood circulation surround a soft vibration cushion and offer unimagined highs for hotspots such as the vulva and clitoris. Thanks to the fold-out retaining ring, the Belou “Rotating Vulva Massager” also lies comfortably in the hand and can be used for stimulating massages all over the body.