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Benny Peckruhn

Media designer in mail-order business EU

Online production – what does that mean?

In online production, everybody has his own working area. However we maintain the websites of our mail order business and also of our foreign subsidiaries. That encompasses the realization of advertising material and the permanent continuous development of our online shops.

When was it clear to you that you would like to become a media designer?

Although I started vocational training as a specialist for warehouse logistics at ORION, I always had been interested in the job of a media designer. The opportunity, to work in online production, encouraged me to change my job. I was offered a vocational training for media design and completed it successfully. That was the right decision for me. Since then, I have been working in my dream job.

What do you like best about your job?

My main area of interest is web development. My working material is mainly HTML and CSS. The mixture of technics and design is fascinating for me. You can provide content for enormous user bases with simple means. Another very important subject for me is the accessibility of the web. Optimizing the content and the compliance with standards, we can make the web accessible for users with physical restrictions, e.g. the blind, without any problems.

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