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New at ORION Wholesale: Interactive high-tech products from SenseMax

New at ORION Wholesale: Interactive high-tech products from SenseMax

New at ORION Wholesale: Interactive high-tech products from SenseMax

ORION Wholesale has expanded its product range: selected high-tech erotic products from SenseMax are now available at the erotic specialist. The erotic products from SenseMax let a man’s heart beat faster, because they combine high tech, innovation and sexual satisfaction in virtual reality.

The SenseMax SenseTube lets every man enjoy interactive handjobs or blowjobs! The futuristic, rechargeable masturbator (Item No. 05939660000 and 05941300000) perfectly adapts to a man’s desires and lets him adjust the blowjob feeling to his individual preferences with the airlock system. The SenseTube has 5 vibration modes, 12 vibration levels and an inner sleeve with numerous stimulating dots – combined they provide an intense stimulation of the penis. The stimulation can be increased even more thanks to the soft case – just apply some pressure with the hand. The SenseTube is waterproof and has an integrated stand to dry it after cleaning.

In combination with the Virtual Reality headset Sense VR from SenseMax (Item No. 05339710000) the SenseTube gets especially interactive during use. With the VR headset for the free SensePlayer app it is possible to dive right into the fun! It uses the VR compatibility and makes 180° and 360° experiences possible. All that needs to be done is putting the smartphone into the headset.

The SenseMax SenseBand (Item No. 05339630000 and 05341880000) is an interactive wristband that turns the combination of masturbating with the masturbator and using the VR headset into the ultimate experience of pleasure. The wristband can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and works with the free SensePlayer app. The motion sensor inside synchronises the speed of the masturbator with the selected erotic video that is displayed on the smartphone inside the VR headset – the perfect Virtual Reality feeling!

The VR headset and the SenseMax wristband are also available in a set (Item No. 05341610000 and 05341700000). All SenseMax products that are available at ORION Wholesale can be found at www.orion-wholesale.com.

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